United Cleaning Services was an early adopter of ISO9001 Quality Management Systems certification in the cleaning industry, having achieved and maintained certification for more than a decade.

Both the ISO9001 and ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard certifications that United Cleaning Services has obtained, are a reflection of the company’s commitment to quality across the board – the SO9001 Quality Management Systems certification, for example, requires all contracts undergo an on-site formal, monthly Quality Assurance audit.

A Quality Assurance Inspection sheet, and a frequency schedule, is provided to all sites and provide a practical, correction process when and if problems are identified.  As a result the process consistently monitors and maintains the highest standards of service by United Cleaning Services.

United Cleaning Services understands the importance to your staff, visitors and clients of clean, safe spaces and how much they reflect your business.

That’s why it’s our business to make sure yours really shines.