With the introduction of Microfibre technology several years ago we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used in the cleaning process.  Apart from Kitchens and Bathrooms where disinfection is vital we don’t use chemicals in the general cleaning environment.  All our staff are given training in Environmental Cleaning methods as part of their induction process. All sites have an Environmental Risk Management Register which identifies possible risks when carrying out their work. We use a range of Natural Eco-Friendly cleaning products call “Green Earth “ which are made locally.  The product range has “Environmental Choice New Zealand“ certification and we have found these chemicals to be more effective than other Eco-Friendly products and as  they are made in New Zealand this reduces their Carbon Footprint.

United Cleaning Services is a member of the Sustainable Business Network, which works alongside the company to determine what we need to do to enhance both our and our clients' working environments. We are mindful of the effects of the high strength of cleaning products and the disposal of large amounts of rubbish.

We are constantly on the look-out for opportunities to improve our practices. When we first encountered client offices that had their own worm farm, we immediately installed our own to learn how to manage the process properly. We have since implemented a system whereby recycled organic waste from the five client worm farms managed by us is put back into the clients’ own gardens.

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard* Certified – United Cleaning Services is certified to this rigorous international environmental standard, which addresses all aspects of environmental management and is a means to identify and control the impact we make on the environment.
  • A near chemical-free regime has been established by the company (except in instances of public safety where biohazards are prevalent). When chemicals are required, United Cleaning Services uses ‘Green Earth’ products which are eco-friendly and made in New Zealand.
  • Environmentally friendly technology – United Cleaning Services has placed significant investment in environmentally friendly, cutting edge technology solutions such as microfiber cloths and mops, which achieve better results than harmful chemicals.
  • Worm farms – United Cleaning Services maintains a number of worm farms, including one in the company’s corporate offices, for the recycling of organic waste. The resulting soil and fertiliser is put back into green spaces belonging to the relevant buildings.
  • Recycling – United Cleaning Services stocks a quality range of recycled toilet paper and hand towels.