Beginning as a small, family owned business in 1959, United Cleaning Services had established a reputation for excellent service by the time it was sold to the present management in the 1980s. That reputation remains the cornerstone of the business to this day.

By placing significant emphasis on training and staff-wellbeing, coupled to investment in new technology and a hands-on approach to leadership, United Cleaning Services is a preferred provider to many of New Zealand’s foremost and iconic organisations.

United Cleaning Services is a major supporter of the Building Service Contractors of New Zealand industry-training programme and all staff are actively encouraged to achieve a National Certificate in cleaning and care taking.

Making Business Shine
Making a busy office space professionally presentable, keeping a retail space attractive or mopping up a 40,000 seat stadium requires… all these assignments require United Cleaning Services' brand of meticulous planning, operational best practise and spades of enthusiasm.

The company employs more than 300 full-time, trained staff (more if required for large events), who are responsible for maintaining our ISO9002 Quality Assurance certified service. Audited twice a year, United Cleaning Services requires contracts to undergo a formal, Quality Assurance Audit on each site every single month.