Professional cleaning - for events, hospitality, company offices, agricultural and industry cleaning - is an art and a science.

Operating on a foundation of more than 50 years of experience and knowledge, United Cleaning Services utilises the latest in environmentally friendly cleaning technology to get the best possible result.

Virtually chemical free, except perhaps in situations where bio hazards may exist, United Cleaning Services utilises technology such as spray extraction cleansers (ideal for deep cleaning textile surfaces like upholstery) and industrial carpet cleaners to top-end vacuums and

micro fibre cleaning cloths and utensils, which totally eliminate water and chemical usage (as well as the need for harmful metal based polishes).

Technology not only minimises the spread of germs, which is common with soap and water type solutions, but also cuts out environmentally harmful chemicals, reduces water usage and minimises your contribution to the waste stream.

United Cleaning Services is able to provide an integrated service that including everything from cleaning high rise windows through to gardening, pest control and building maintenance.