Keeping the shine on New Zealand business 24/7

United Cleaning Services provides commercial cleaning services to some of New Zealand’s biggest brands and national property investment firms, medical centres, schools, government and council buildings, as well as small and medium business outlets in the Auckland and Hamilton region.

Many of these sites have an industrial, transport or retail function and as a result they experience extremely high foot traffic from the public, animals, vehicles, customers, suppliers and staff — keeping such sites clean and hygienic requires attention to detail, constant monitoring and a responsiveness that only a company the size and structure of United Cleaning Services can deliver.

The job of United Cleaning Services is to be unobtrusive, quietly working in the background to maintain high levels of cleanliness, gloss and hygiene across the board, while being quick to respond when incident occur – an all too common occurrence when you have sites that dealing with thousands of people every single day and night.