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Born and bred in to the cleaning business, Peter followed his father into United Cleaning Services  by working part-time as a student before going on to gain wide experience in overseas roles, including with the UK’s largest cleaning company.


Peter returned in 1997 when he became a shareholder and director of the business.


He is responsible for overseeing the sales and administration teams, including direct involvement with contract negotiation and retention.


Managing Director
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Bob King has been in the cleaning business all his life after starting as an office clerk in 1960, before working his way up to General Manager of a large Wellington cleaning business.


Bob purchased United Cleaning Services in 1981 and took the company from $1 million in turner per annum to a $70 million enterprise. When the company merged with Quality Service Enterprises, Bob sold his share, but retained the Auckland and Hamilton operations as United Cleaning Services.


A former president and now life member of the Building Service Contractors of New Zealand, and president of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors, Bob oversees the running of United Cleaning Services and the development of the management team.


He is always working to position the company for future growth in Auckland and Hamilton.



Charged with overseeing the accounting and financial reporting for United Cleaning Services, Mahesh is largely concerned with managing his team and seeing to the quality development of monthly management and annual financial reports, including tax returns and statutory accounts.


Having worked for United Cleaning Services for more than 20 years, he both understands and appreciates the value of working for a family business that holds loyalty and personal relationships in high regard.


“It’s the personal service ethic we bring to our work that makes us different. Some of the larger companies out there have to contend with people coming and going, but at United Cleaning Services we have long serving staff which helps with building consistent, long term customer relationships.


“Our philosophy of not overloading customer relationship managers with too many clients, means nobody is neglected. I believe that is really important, when it comes to customer service relationships.”


Part of the Hamilton operation, Michael has responsibility for much of United Cleaning Service’s outdoor operations like water-blasting and cleaning for building facades, windows, roofs and paths, as well as supervising several of the company’s client sites.


“If it means working at heights or involves getting very wet, I’m the one most likely to be looking after the assignment – in between learning the management aspects of the business,” says Michael, who graduated with a BSc, before joining the family owned business.


“At the end of the day, it is a family owned business and it is particularly enjoyable to be involved with something that has been built up slowly over time – it’s part of the family legacy, and that creates a good environment to be involved in.”


Michael believes that United Cleaning Service’s management structure helps to set it apart from the its competitors. “We’re an extremely responsive business. There is always a senior person on call and problems or challenges are dealt with as soon as they arise.”

General Manager, Hamilton
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A director and shareholder of United Cleaning Services since 2006, Murray lives the hands-on, lead from the front ethos of United, and can sometimes be found wielding a water blaster or helping to get a newly constructed supermarket ready for handover, on deadline.


After a 13-year stint as an inspector for Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Murray joined the fledgling Hamilton branch in 1986 and has since built the branch up into one of the largest commercial cleaning operations in wider Waikato region.


“I am particularly proud of the fact that we pay our people a fair wage for a fair day’s work. It is why we are able to deliver a quality service from long serving, top calibre people,” says Murray.

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